MONSO GROUP, founded with the slogan of “Discover, Develop & Apply”, aims to introduce you to the technological innovations of the time.

With our competent professional teams in our area, MONSO GROUP Brands are at your side to improve your existing infrastructure & processes to create innovative projects, to apply them and to provide you %100 user satisfied experience.

The technical knowledge and skills are increasing day by day with certificates and specialists taking all trainings that are required to stay ahead of the game so you don’t need to invest for knowledge.



MONSO GROUP has 4 main brands;

CONTGUARD – Our partnership with a Global Operations Network in the logistics sector for “Shipping with Intelligence.” A comprehensive service that provides real-time information thru IoT and security solutions for your cargo.

MINDSHOUSE – A creative agency with technology at our core we serve with the best service to our clients needs.

INTRON-Our backbone for infrastructure with experience of 20 years converted into a service format.

KNOPS-We are Turkey distributor for the first ever hearing solution that is adjustable in different settings to filter out different kinds of noises, look beautiful and don’t require batteries nor an app and are a delight to wear!

DRKMSC- Utilising our technical expertise and professional equipment in our exceptional Studio to” Let the Music Speak!”