5 Reasons why using Contguard’s cargo monitoring services


  • Receive real time alerts, status and lock/unlock with location visibility and business rules compliance. Law enforcement dispatch and recovery support services are available using our most reliable partner – LoJack SCI.
  • No worry or hassle of purchasing, deploying and monitoring tracking devices. Contguard eliminates the need to do so. We supply end-to-end service package with full management, deployment and retrieval of tracking devices.
  • One fee per trip charged! Pay only for the crucial relevant information you need about your cargo. All expenses, handling charges and fees are included.
  • We help our clients meet tier 3 C-TPAT requirements, enabling fast lane eligibility, reduced risk scores and fewer disruptive examinations.
  • The simple, elegant design of our tracking device technology is the heart of the service, allowing mounting in seconds and retrieval just as easy. A full range of sensor and condition status information is transmitted to our 24/7 monitoring center for alerts, action and reporting.

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