24/7 Monitoring Services

Our qualified monitoring staff will keep a close eye over your most valuable cargo 24/7

Control-center-1-150x150Using our state of the art control center we will closely monitor your cargo 24/7 and alert you about any events along the way. Now you have full information regarding your cargo and what happens to it in real time. Let us bring you full control over your cargo. It is worth it!

Control Center

Each monitoring unit transmits its data directly to our 24/7 control center. The control center software shares its information with the client, and distributes data to the client as per the client’s preferences and requests.

The control center has a government and police Grade “A” certification and stands at Standards Institutions tough regulations. We also carry the ISO9002 international certificate.

The control center provides 24/7 tracking and monitoring services to a wide customer base. We use state of the art control center software to monitor the devices and handle alerts at real time.

In an emergency situation,we will alert the client or the client’s forwarding company and if necessary, our control center will notify special police forces or local security enforcement agencies around the world to secure and enforce the particular situation.

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