How does the monitoring unit works?
The Triton is a real time containers tracking system for security and management purposes. The system is installed easily on the container’s door hinge and provides ongoing monitoring.
The Triton receives GPS signals that indicate the location of the container over the globe and transmit GPRS information over the cellular network directly to our servers and from there directly to you via SMS or email.
To learn about how to instal the Triton on the container click here
How does it work?
Our clients order the service directly on our website. With a global network of logistics partners we will mount the Triton unit on your containers anywhere in the world on a short notice basis. Just let us know where you need the unit to be installed and we will take care of it for you.
When your container arrives to its destination, all you have to do is to put the Triton unit in the return envelope you received with the unit and send it back to us. Return postage is Prepaid.
What can ContGuard do if my container is being breached?
We will be immediately alerted if someone will breach your container or open the container doors in an unreasonable location on the rout (not in departure or arrival locations). In that event our 24/7 staff will inform the relevant law enforcement authorities and will direct them to the last known location where the breaching was made. We will keep you informed about those activities so you can know the actual status of the alert at any time.
Will I get an alert for any event that happens to my cargo?
Yes. You can set up an email address and/or a cellular number to receive alerts. We can alert you on your cargo location, door opening, exceptional impacts, intrusion, high/low temperature and more. It is up to you to let us know what alerts you want to get and what level of control you need over your cargo.
Will I be able to track my cargo by myself?
Yes. You will get a user and password to log into our members area and to view your cargo location by yourself in real time. You can view the status on our website or on your smartphone/tablet application.
Do I have to buy the tracking units from ContGuard?
No, ContGuard will lease the unit to you and charge you per actual use. You pay only for the days the unit was operational and was mounted on the container (from installation to removal). In order to receive a price quote please contact us.

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