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Our cutting edge devices track and monitor your valuable cargo anywhere and anytime

ContGuard’s advanced devices are the leading GPS tracking and monitoring units available today due to unique criteria developed specially for the maritime industry. The units provide essential information regarding the cargo’s location and condition at any given time.

The Cargo Monitoring Unit (CMU)

ContGuard’s monitoring units are the leading GPS tracking and monitoring devices on the market today, thanks to several unique features developed specifically for the maritime tracking industry:

  • Patent-pending design that fits any container door.
  • Tracks a wide array of parameters: Location, temperature, door opening, geo fences, container breaching, rout deviation.
  • Lightweight (about 600g including battery) for better handling and lower-cost logistics.
  • Easy to install and uninstall can be operated without prior experience.
  • Long battery life – can operate for up to 8 months (6 transmissions per day) without charging.
  • Carries all relevant international certificates – FCC, CE, RoHS, GS, E1 etc.
  • Rugged and reliable has passed all environmental and conditional tests.
  • Low usage of data over the Sim card lower communications expenses.

Installing the Cargo Monitoring Unit on the Container

The Cargo Monitoring Unit (CMU) is easy and quick to install yet hard to be tampered with or illegally removed. Installation takes place by attaching the arm that contains magnets onto the container’s interior side wall (buck) with only the Antennas Compartment part sticking outside. The Contact Sensor will be against and pressed by the containers wall while the Door Sensor will be against and pressed by the closing door. For additional installation – safety screws can be used to fasten the unit against the container’s inside wall.

See the following sketch describing installation area:

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